Hidden Foundations – Part 1

Intrigued by my findings in the previous post, I decided to follow the path of the old track towards the 91/303 intersection at the center of town. It didn’t take much walking to find more clues of Hudson’s past. I stumbled upon several foundations that are connected to the old railroad. Both contain actual section of track. The first, pictured below, sits next to the Turner’s Mill parking lot on the western side of the building.Several noticeable characteristics stand out at first glance. The foundation channels towards the track and seems to indicate that this was part of the original Turner’s Mill, which began as a granary. This remnant, easily missed by most pedestrians, gives intricate clues to Hudson’s past and provides a glimpse of its old economic structure, particularly how reliant the town was on quick and easy access to railroads.

Notice the triangular shape. The tracks, barely noticeable,
run horizontally across the picture and travel through
the small rectangular portion of the foundation.