Old Maps

Included here are four old maps, one of which is an aerial image of Western Reserve Academy before extensive construction and expansion programs of the past several decades forever changed it’s historic campus. See below:

The change from then to now is night and day. Notice the number of buildings that don’t exist in this photo…No Ong Library, no Murdough Athletic Center, no turf field, no Morgan Hall, no Wilson Hall, no Metcalf Center, no maintenence garages, no Woodhouse, no Knight Fine Arts Center, and no Longhouse. This is WRA at it’s core, as it’s true self, before the modern day.

My intent in posting the following three maps is to emphasize the importance of trains and the railroad industry to the growth and development of Hudson. Keep in mind that today, only one line remains in service. That line is marked the “Pittsburg” line on the map below:
I thought I had seen every picture of Hudson’s old railroad lines until I stumbled upon the following two maps. With such volume of railways and railcars, one can imagine how loud life in Hudson must have been.