Ellsworth Part III – Evamere Hall

I’ll start with the woman for whom the estate and hall were named – Eva Butler Ellsworth:

Below are photographs of Evamere Hall. These pictures were most likely taken between 1912  and 1951, when the house was razed.

Ellsworth's very own clock tower. He also built the one currently standing at the center of town.

Photo of Evamere Hall from Hudson-Aurora St.

Image of the clock tower and side of the Hall

Notice the beautiful foliage and ivy-covered walls.

A more distant view of the property.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures as much as I have. The next time you find yourself walking around this part of town, or perhaps playing lacrosse on the Eastwoods/Evamere fields, try to remember these pictures and the magnificent structure that once existed over 60 years before.