Temple Beth Shalom/Disciples of Christ Church – Religion and History at 50 Division St.

At 50 Division St. in cozy old-town Hudson stands Temple Beth Shalom. It’s been there as long as I can remember, but I recently discovered some interesting tidbits about its past. The current Temple was originally The Western Reserve Christian Church, founded on July 16th, 1890. The church was dedicated nearly two years later in March of 1892.

In researching this picture (thanks to Summit Memory Project – an excellent website and database worthy of a browse!) I came across some very interesting claims: first, that future US President James Garfield spoke on April 20th, 1860, and that Carrie Nation spoke here as well. The claims are fascinating, particularly for small town Hudson, but details are lacking.

President Garfield was from the area (he was born about 14 miles north of the Church in a small cabin on the west side of Route 91 in Moreland Hills) so it is very possible he did indeed speak in Hudson, but considering the church’s founding in 1890, and the building dedication two years later, questions remain about where he spoke, and to whom.

Carrie Nation, founder of the Women’s Temperance Movement, apparently spoke here as well. The timing of this event, even though a date is left out, seems to be more accurate considering the timeline of the Church, and the Temperance movement as well. Carrie became known as the radical arm of the Temperance movement, famous for attacking saloons with a hatchet.

I hope to find more details about these visits. I always find it interesting to learn about famous visitors to Hudson!

Looking westward towards the Church