The Highway to Hell – A Lost Road in the Woods

Other ruins and foundations from Bradywine’s past include the following pictures of a curiously hidden track of road in the middle of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This stretch once united Brandywine Village with nearby Boston and Peninsula by serving as a direct connect between Brandwine and Stanford Roads. After the creation of the CVNP in the mid 1970’s, this track of road took on a different name – The Highway to Hell – after a cloud of rumours and mystery followed a forced abandonment of the once bustling town. (This is my teaser for Halloween. More to come on Hell Town, OH)

Ominous signs block any vehicle entry to the road. Notice the bridge in the photo to the right, situated just before the barrier and marked by guardrails on each side.
 The photo on the left is a prospective of the bridge and abandoned road from the trail surrounding Brandywine Falls. The photo on the right is of a curious fixture seen protruding from the creek-bed. Notice the three large iron pipes that mysteriously stop half way across the water. My belief is that these are remnants of utility pipes or some other form of infrastructure precariously built for growth that never happened.
 These final four pictures attempt to illustrate the eeriness of the abandoned road in its entirety. What is particularly interesting is that the guardrails were all in near perfect condition – no signs of rust or decay at all. The road, although in terrible shape, is very navigable and can serve as a great change of pace to the normal, cookie-cutter, over-populated paths to which the CVNP will typically direct park visitors.