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Donald Ross: Golf’s Michelangelo & his Legacy in Cleveland

Donald Ross is the Michelangelo of golf, and Pinehurst No. 2 could easily be considered his Sistine Chapel. Its not his only work of genius, however. Many of today’s top courses still bear Donald’s name as the principle… Continue reading

The Cleveland Arcade

No no, it’s not what you think. You won’t find any nerds with fanny packs, no embarrassing orthodontic headgear, no Dance Dance Revolution platforms, and no video games in this arcade. What you’ll find instead is… Continue reading

Cleveland Trust/Ameritrust Rotunda

Originally the Cleveland Trust Rotunda, this hidden architectural gem stands among a patch of dreary, unoccupied sky rises and store fronts in downtown Cleveland. Below is a view from outside with Euclid running… Continue reading

The Highway to Hell – A Lost Road in the Woods

Other ruins and foundations from Bradywine’s past include the following pictures of a curiously hidden track of road in the middle of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This stretch once united Brandywine Village… Continue reading

The Forgotten Village of Brandywine

Over the weekend I had a chance to explore some lesser-known areas of Brandywine Falls and the forgotten village of Brandywine – a once bustling community that thrived off the natural power of the falls.… Continue reading

The Ship that Built Cleveland

Below are pictures from inside and around the ‘William Mather’, Cleveland’s iconic steamship that rests adjacent to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Browns Stadium, and the Great Lakes Science Center. I… Continue reading