New Digs!

Welcome to my new website,! Aside from purchasing this domain I also made the switch from Blogspot to WordPress for my blog interfacing. The intent, of course, is to better serve all my readers. I hope you enjoy the new theme and design. Please send me comments, questions, or suggestions!

Below is a brief list of posts that are currently in-the-works:

  • Hudson Station (description, before-and-after pics)
  • Fire of 1892 (description, before-and-after pics, change in city landscape)
  • Kepner’s Tavern (once the Lockhart Saloon…where fire of 1892 started)
  • Ellsworth Store
  • Old Hudson Lamp Lighters
  • Old White Schoolhouse
  • Old Hudson Theatre
  • Old Seminary
  • Carnies in Hudson!
  • Underground Railroad (Maps of routes, houses involved, basement remnants of tunnels, hidden chambers, etc…)
  • WRA: Anthenaeum (old purposes – museum, old tower, 4th floor addition)

Also included in my recent revamp is a wonderfully written and intriguing blog courtesy of a very close and highly intelligent friend. Please find time to read The Cleveland Constitutional, a politically charged, thought-provoking work which discusses and analyzes key issues affecting Ohioans and Americans alike. Enjoy!